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30-Jul-2016 00:23

Keys 360° Marketing helps you develop customized donor stewardship program to keep more of your donors giving for the long term.

We know that your organization’s mission and goals are quite unique.

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American actor and screenwriter, Mickey Rourke is probably known in the world for portraying the role of Marv in the movie, Sin City.We treat your donors how we would like to be treated.And because of the way we manage our campaigns with such close attention to the important details, you end up with a higher return on investment, lower donor attrition rates (less churn), and ultimately happy donors who will continue supporting you because they know you will use their money wisely to help you fulfill your mission.We work with you to develop solutions to help you achieve your goals and drive your mission.

For more than 20 years, we’ve created campaigns that cultivate and foster relationships based on respect for your supporters.

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