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Soort kruising tussen een prentenlotto en een vragenspel gepubliceerd in de Kinder Courant 52, 1903-1904 blad 19 t/m 23.

Met in elk nummer een korte toelichting onder het kopje "Onze Plaat", resp.

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Freshly divorced in the mid-’90s, Jeannine Kaiser found herself falling in love again—for all the wrong reasons.

Bob Stone sat at his dining room table and twisted open 90 red capsules, one by one. In an hour, when the sun finished setting outside his Silver Lake home, he would use the drug to end his life.

"Arthur joins us for a look at how the aspects of racial homogeneity and racial disillusionment (multiculturalism) have historically contributed to the rise and fall of civilizations.

"We begin by considering the essential questions of what causes culture and what happens when a civilization’s creators vanish.

This weekend — June 10 and 11 -- is the official opening of the new Club Pilates in Brentwood,...

Much has been made of the greening of the Los Angeles River, especially in the areas between Griffith Park and downtown L. But the river has steadily been getting improvements upstream, too.

"We discuss some logistics of the Out of Africa theory and the role of environment in racial differences, touching on the bureaucratic baloney that thwarts modern day archaeologists from properly investigating tremendous troves of ancient human remains holding clues of Europeans’ origins in the Northern Hemisphere.