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14-Dec-2016 22:30

on what women want from men was so positive that I put together this post to explore the issue from a different angle.

But first, a few ground rules: • This entire post is based on generalizations; obviously, there are exceptions to every rule of thumb.

Yeah I am pretty, but I am just a woman underneath this. I just want a normal guy, who burps, and leaves his socks all over the house, but cares enough about me to take care of the guy things. I get a lot of attention, but it is not quality attention.

They always presume I want the super rich guy, or the super good-looking guy.

I have had little success finding female friends.” Number 3: “People presume that I am shallow because I am pretty.

My looks are a marketable asset, so I manage them as any person would manage a vital asset.

That said, are there nice guys who are attractive enough and/or courageous enough to ask out a beautiful woman? Essentially, seducers view a woman’s beauty as an invitation; nice guys view it as a deterrent.

I am simply contending that it’s a mistake to assume that an attractive woman can find Mr. Yet ironically, the more beautiful she makes herself, the better her chances of attracting the wrong type of guy.

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