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25-Jul-2016 00:20

Since Episode abandon that style (for whatever reason), Choices art style stands out. I showed my college roommate Episode and she despised every style except the one Spotlight story I showed her (shout out to Black Absinthe by Kay Elle).

Granted this only one person, but the point is, different art styles attract different audiences.

Child is in final year of primary school and walks back home alone.

They bought a new house they really couldn't afford.

Have a coffee (or a glass of wine) while you read my dilemma I used to get along with my Step Daughter (SD), now I can hardly bear the mention of her, I try to keep this feeling to myself as I know it would upset my husband. SD was 25yrs old, SD welcomed my relationship with her dad.

We didn't see much of SD but when we did we seemed to get along fine.

As someone who only reads and doesn't write on this app.

I personally could care less about a writer's portal.

Shortly after we got our new phones, he downloaded clash of clans and was playing it quit a bit. He get's on it first thing in the morning, while I get our kids ready for school. But I feel like our yard is not looking as good because of clash of clans.